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10 November 2012
My dear husband, who helped me so much with fractal, including suggesting the title, departed this life in early September 2012, two days before our 45th wedding anniversary. A big thanks to him and to all my friends who have purchased and publicized my work. I love you all.

3 June 2012
I'm still pondering - and planning - a sequel to fractal but have been working on a (very) semi-autobiographical novel about my year in France. Having a lot of fun with it and learning a lot in the meantime. I think a novelist who doesn't teach the reader something is missing a chance and it's a fine line to walk. I don't want it to read like a term paper! The new novel will be entitled Something Rich and Strange and I'll have a new website once it's up and available. I plan to publish it at Smashwords, which will make it cheap and available real fast.

A big thanks to all who have given me such gracious and enthusiastic reviews at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I appreciate it more than I can say.

7 February 2012
I was pleased and honored to appear by invitation before a joint meeting of two book clubs at the Pontchartrain Yacht Club. Talking about fractal  is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Thank you, PYC Book Club and Half-Assed Book Club!!

21 January 2012
fractal will be a sponsor of the St Tammany Art Association's Geaux Arts Ball on 4 February 2012 at the Art House, 7-11 p.m. 

15 November 2011
While watching a perfectly dreadful movie last night, I learned that the name Malachi (pronounced Malakye) means messenger of God and is the title of the last book in the Bible. Malachi was constantly warning Israel of the dire results of her evil ways. Wonderful coincidence for a character who does so much communicating!

29 August 2011
In case you're wondering how I publicize my book, I'm a walking sandwich board... I had VistaPrint make me a set of tee-shirts with the book cover and my website on front and back. Yesterday I wore it to an exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona and then to a concert at Lowell Observatory. The lady selling tickets noticed it while I was examining a portrait on the wall and asked about it. She went to my website then and there and, I believe, ordered the book from Amazon. It pays to advertise even if it's just on your own back

26 August 2011
I've started a new website: www.kathryneberlewildgennovels.com. In the meantime, keep visiting, clicking, etc. I'll keep you posted about the new site as soon as the new novel is published one way or another. The new work is entitled Something Rich and Strange. The title was taken from Percy Bysshe Shelley's tombstone in Rome's Protestant Cemetery. The novel is referenced below and is based on letters home. A sequel to fractal is fairly far down the line.

5 August 2011
There are many opportunities out there for free e-self-publication. An author has complete control and publication is instantaneous, real advantages.  I've completed a novel based on my letters home when I was living in France but with a heavy dose of fiction. And I'm mulling over a sequel to fractal, following the lives of Ruth and Cletus. You can be sure I'll let you know when any new stuff is on line.

13 July 2011
If you happen to purchase a copy from Amazon or another vendor that permits reader reviews, please let other potential readers know what you think.

6 July 2011
An e-version is available at:
It's less expensive than the Kindle edition but I'm not sure of the method of delivery. Perhaps just into your computer...

9 June 2011
The book is now available through all vendors in hardback, paperback and e-book. The specific Amazon page is:

5 March 2011
Several of you have commented favorably on the cover of fractal, specifically on Melinda Nagy's wonderful photograph from dreamstimefree.com. The cover devolved from the title and for the title I must credit my husband. The first title I chose was girlofmydreams and that was to be Malachi's e-mail ID. My agent nixed that idea. My late husband John suggested fractal after listening to me talk about the story. The connection of fractals in general with chaos theory sealed the deal. That was the perfect title. (Those of you who have read the story know how necessary it was for Malachi's ID to begin with the letter "f.") After choosing my title, I went in search of a cover image and happened upon Melinda's "Blue Smoke." Talk about a bolt out of the blue! I had to use it. Dreamstimefree.com is very generous with usage of copyrighted material. I hope that someday Melinda learns that her image graces the cover of my book. I have no idea how to get in touch with her. It is my understanding that she lives in Romania.

15 February 2011
This information is now available from the publisher:
The digital version of your book was completed and submitted to vendors on 01/20/2011. However, kindly note that it will take 3-8 weeks to have it listed on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, BooksonBoard and Scribd. Listing of book information usually varies on each site’s cataloging schedule. But please let me assure you that your book should be available in Kindle within the given timeline.
Kindle eBooks are formatted specifically for Kindle reader compatibility.
Our new digital format will not be available in the iBook store.  But it is in a format that, when purchased through certain vendors is compatible with iPad and therefore can be purchased through Amazon, Scribd, and Books on Board for use with iPad, iPhone.
Here's a link to my page at iUniverse with more info:

5 February 2011
When I was writing as a literary critic and professor of French Literature, I worked extensively on an author who claimed that frequently, in the middle of writing a novel, the characters "took over," dictated as it were their actions, feelings. The author's plans were virtually irrelevant. I thought that was rather absurd, a writerly conceit designed to impress? to appear artsy? to forsake responsibility? How surprised I was when the same thing happened to me! The relationship between Malachi and Winifred came as a complete and stunning shock to me. In the future, when writers make such claims about their work, I'll be more inclined towards belief rather than skepticism.
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